Friday, May 29, 2009


OK, enough with the whining being the last post on the blog. The blog is for venting sometimes, but it wigs me out to have that negative stuff stay on top for too long.

I'm working on motivation these days. Getting things done, no matter how small. Yeah, like unloading the dishwasher this morning. Right on that one (ha!) . . . Maybe this weekend we'll get the garages done! We just have to organize everything that's piled up in the small garage into the (now dry for three weeks) freshly painted garage. then we can have BOTH vehicles garaged! For the first time since the move. That will really feel good.

Hopefully somewhere this weekend, I will also get some spinning done. I'm working on my first alpaca (purchased from royal fibers on ebay). So far, it's going well. We'll see once it gets plied up and washed. I definitely made good progress on my goal this month. I started and finished 8 oz, plus a couple sample sizes, as well as at least half of this alpaca. Taught someone how to spin on their spindle at knit night this week too.

I'm knitting away on my swap socks. Just started the legs. It's a top-down pattern, but I'm using a translation to toe-up. Something got lost in the translation, and I ended up ripping a full inch out. That's a full inch on both socks, which are 90ish stitches each. Ugh. Oh well, they're working now, and looking beautiful, if I may say so myself! (J says so too. I'm not sure how I will get these out of the house!) Good thing I'm such a process knitter, because I could see myself getting attached to these. And you can bet I'm never knitting them again!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Knitting Drama???

Yep, it sure was. I've been psyched about Sock Summit for a while now (ever since I didn't get into Loopy's Spring Fling, then heard about SS, and talked DH into taking full responsibility for the girls for the weekend while I play with sock knitting) and anxiously awaiting registration. I had my classes all chosen, and was ready for the button pushing at 9:59 this morning. Only to find out that, yet again, the technogeeks had no idea how many knitters there are out there. You got it, the servers crashed before things even got started.
I continued refreshing for at least forty minutes. Then, like an idiot, once I learned that the servers were down, and the organizers asked us to hold off until they told us it was working again - I did. I kept checking the blogs to see if things were up again. I heard on Ravelry that they were up, and went to check. EVERY class I wanted (in fact, all the classes aside from a few beginner ones) was sold out. I got angry, and then cried. And then got angry at myself for crying over a silly sock knitting convention. I mean, really. Still, I was looking forward to the weekend away, and with some people who "get" me. And a few Ravelry friends who I'll never have the chance to meet otherwise. And a weekend exploring a "new" city with my sister.
So, I was commiserating with said Ravelry friends, when one of them mentions that she was just at the SS site and everything was open again! I headed over straightaway! Unfortunately, even though there were many open classes, only one (of the three I wanted) was available.

Now I have to decide if it's worth the plane flight and hotel to go to one class and the marketplace. Phew! I'm wiped from all the knitting drama!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mama got a new pair of shoes!

Running shoes that is. Holy cow, is that nice! Of course, I've been running with my pronation for so long, that I didn't make it very far before some muscles told me that enough is enough! They told me that they had never been used for running before, and they were done for the day. Funny. BUT my feet and hips thanked me profusely for the new shoes. I am sure the calves will be grateful, once they have had some time to get used to the idea.

I finished the sweater for S. We'll head out this afternoon to find the proper buttons for it, then I can attempt to post a photo or so.

I've been spinning. Got some pretty BFL done, for a swap. Then realized that the swap partner likes purple, not turquoise! Oops. Good thing I started some purple next. I was going to keep this stuff for myself, but I suppose I can part with it.