Monday, February 2, 2009

February already?!?

Wow, it's been almost a month. I've accomplished quite a bit of knitting and spinning. Not as much as I would like, but then when does that ever happen? I've been bad (as usual) about photographing any of it, and even worse about uploading the pictures. I'm doing more swaps, and so some of my knitting is the supersecret kind.

I knit my first project with handspun yarn (some I received in a swap on Ravelry) . . . And am getting ready to knit my first project with my OWN handspun :) Just have to get the socks off the needles, since I can't have more than one pair of socks otn. (My own rule, made to prevent myself from having 22 socks otn and having to buy new needles constantly!)

I had a pair of socks go holey on me. Dangit! I swear it's my Birkenstocks. So many people I know wear their handknit socks in them all the time, but all three handknit socks I've had go (as well as several storebought ones) have been immediately after a day in the Birks. I think I'm done with wearing the handknits in my Birks! I thought it just must have been a horrific coincidence after the first two, but these last socks were practically brand new! Worn maybe twice?!? Sigh. I have enough Smooshy to make another pair, I think, especially if I make them shorter.

On a side note, what do I want for my birthday? I have sooo much yarn, and fiber, that's not a good thing to ask for. . . Jewelry, well, a lot of that too. Anyone have any ideas? It's getting a little late, I guess, but maybe someone can help me. All I've come up with is a new pan, and that's pretty boring!

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