Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wow, getting back into the swing of things after that road trip is challenging!  I keep saying I want to make another batch of soap, but I still haven't! I have three kits left from the Brambleberry Soap Crafting Club.  Maybe tomorrow . . .

As far as knitting goes, well, I did a ton of it on the road!  I think I started and completed 4 pairs of socks!  They were all "vanilla" in my "make it up as I go along" pattern. The ones I had already started were ribbed, rather than stockinette. I finished two other WIPs that I brought along (a blanket for the new grandbaby, who will make her appearance any day now. And a shawlette that I'd had otn since last summer!) I started my Laar sweater with the Briar Rose Stella (lace weight merino silk blend) I purchased at Knit Camp last summer. Of course, once I finished the mile of stockinette and moved into the lace portion, that had to be a "not driving" project, so progress slowed down considerably. I knit a cute hat with a unicorn instead of a pom-pom for the first granddaughter. Seriously cute. Like, I kind of wish I had ten kids to knit these hats for (not that I have ten kids, but that I had ten kids to knit for!), because they are quick, simple, and totally adorable! A few dishcloths, when I couldn't focus on anything else. Surprisingly, we sought out only one yarn store on the road. Actually, we were driving past, and J offered to stop when I called it out. The parking lot was interestingly hard to get into, and I didn't buy anything there, as there wasn't anything I can't find in my own LYS.

I received my copy of One-Skein Wonders for Babies (well, the one I ordered from Amazon, so I'd be one of the first to get it) on Tuesday!  More about that later, though, as I'll be posting as a part of the blog tour publicizing the publication.

Well, back to getting into the swing of it!

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