Monday, March 2, 2009

Ahhhh, Stitches. . .

Well. Now that I know this blog isn't read very often, at least by people who like my crafty items. . . Nobody wants to join the contest? Hehe.

Stitches. I came home just giddy - I'd had so much fun! I decided to give it a day or so to settle down. I'm not sure I'm settled, but oh well. Hehe.

I had much better restraint this year. I think I shall be able to use everything I got, and within a couple months - if I choose to do it all consecutively! Aside from a skein of yarn for a swap partner (Hi Linda, if you're reading) and a skein to make a fun water bottle carrier, I only bought fiber this year. Definitely a different crafter than the one who attended last year!

I also got to meet Susan and Anastasia from Kollage Yarns. What a treat! I have done some test/sample knitting for them over the last year or so, which has been it's own treat (the yarns are great to work with, and Anastasia and I seem to communicate well. Not to mention that she designs some great stuff!) I walked into the booth and introduced myself to Susan, and she bypassed my hand for a hug. Then when Anastasia returned, I didn't even get to my name - she just knew who I was and gave me a big hug too. It is so nice to work with such wonderful people! They made me feel like a member of their family. I can't wait for my next assignment with Anastasia and Kollage yarns!

I met Dianne from Creatively Dyed, and saw Joan at White Lies Designs again this year.

There was so much beautiful fiber, as well as some gorgeous beads, and wonderful woodworking. I just love to see it all and wander while being distracted by all the fantastic handknits!

There was also a guy starting a documentary about knitting. They interviewed me for what felt like forever, and half the time I think they were trying really hard not to laugh at how all these people are about knitting and yarn. I hope they got what they were looking for, and am interested to see how the documentary turns out. (They took my email address, so I can stay updated on their progress. I'll let you know if I hear anything interesting)

I guess I have managed to keep the giddiness out of it - mostly. I certainly enjoyed Stitches West, and we're already making our plans to attend next year.

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