Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bad mama

Sometimes when I run in the mornings, I think about how I'm going to blog something clever about it. Never happens. I think I must be much more creative when I'm dripping sweat, sucking wind and staring at the inside of my garage door. Or something.

On a more positive note, baby girl is much healthier this week! Yay! Healthy enough for me to tell her all day yesterday and all morning as we got ready about how she was going to the zoo with her school today. Except that it's tomorrow. Who's the worst mom EVAH? That's me.

On the knitting front, my new socks had their photo shoot today. The yarn review is pretty much written - just waiting for some washer/dryer action to be complete. Whoot!

I FINALLY started on that sweater for the little one. You know it's bad when the three year old asks, "Mom, when are you going to make my sweater? You said you would make me a sweater!" But then, when I started it yesterday she had a fit too, because for some reason she was under the impression that the orange fuzzy novelty yarn I purchased (to keep her happy at a yarn store that was a really bad place for a kid) was going to be her sweater. NO freaking way! There is no way she will ever wear that yarn outside our house! I promised her at the time that I would make her a shawl with it. Of course, I suppose I could just swell with pride when the kid wanted to wear her freakishly fuzzy sweater every day, but I would probably just die a little inside instead. I guess I really am a yarn snob. I have started her shawl and try to get two rows a day on it. Haven't touched that for several days. . . I'm having too much fun with her REAL sweater and the organic cotton yarn . . .

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Anonymous said...

LOL, the great things about kids is even if it is atrocious, she will still love it because Mommy made it. You, of course, love the nice pretty one, but she won't care. :) LOL

Glad to hear she's feeling better.